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The Most Parent-Oriented Platform

A Parent Thing is a supportive online community

We are dedicated to supporting parents through the diverse challenges of parenthood by providing affordable expert guidance from professional counsellors, interactive group workshops, and a range of self-help resources — all in one space for our parents' convenience.

Empowering Parents

Parenthood, though highly rewarding, presents challenges such as balancing career and family responsibilities, handling child behavioural issues, fostering effective parent-child engagement, navigating differences in parenting approaches with your spouse, and coping with a shortage of spousal and family support. The absence of guidance in addressing these issues can significantly affect parents' mental and emotional well-being.

We want to create a community where parents can connect and receive professional guidance to navigate the ups and downs of parenting. We strive to make help affordable and accessible to every parent.

Get to Know Us


To provide accessible and high-quality health-related support for parents to enhance parent’s capabilities and mental wellness


To build a centred place for parental guidance, to empower them to attain optimal mental health and quality relationships with their children, and creates a supportive environment with mental health resources available and accessible in small-step increments in mental health awareness.

Our goal is to serve as a valuable support system, ensuring that you have ready access to guidance, understanding, and practical strategies for navigating the hurdles of parenting. Through our services, we aim to empower you with the tools needed to enhance your mental and emotional well-being while fostering a thriving and resilient parenting community.

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